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Why Game Developers Carnival?


With the numerous industry event cancellations, Xsolla wanted to help the developer/publisher community by creating the first Game Developers Carnival as a technology-driven alternative to empower individuals and companies to safely and effectively do business in the most meta way possible.

Who is the Event for?


Game Developers Carnival is for all gaming industry companies and professionals.

How much does it cost to attend?


It is completely free for gaming industry companies and professionals to attend, however we suggest a $20 donation towards the GDC Relief Fund via the Early Adopter GDC Relief Fund Pack.

How do I schedule meetings?


You can schedule meetings at Game Developers Carnival with attendees and exhibitors through MeetToMatch once it becomes available.

How much does it cost to exhibit?


It is completely free for gaming industry companies to exhibit at Game Developers Carnival, however it is required for companies to provide their own digital skins, video assets, etc. for their booths and staff their booths during the event. For more information, please contact us at

How does my donation work?


Following the close of the event, all proceeds from the Early Adopter GDC Relief Fund Pack will be donated with an additional 100% match from Xsolla in the form of a sponsorship to the GDC Relief Fund organized by Wings Interactive. For more information on the fund, please visit the GDC Relief Fund website.

How will I access?


For attendees, once you are approved as an industry professional, you will receive an email to download the game launcher. Once the event becomes live, you will be able to log in and access the game server.

What is Your World ?


Your World is a powerful sandbox title & online social platform built on Unreal Engine 4, that allows players of all ages and skill levels to create online worlds, games, simulators, and theme parks which can be shared online for the community to enjoy in a multi-player social environment. For more information visit Your World on Facebook.

Can I register on the day of the event?


Due to an overwhelming amount of responses, registration is now closed. Any additional registrations will be put on waitlist, and we will notify you if spots open up.

Is MeetToMatch connected to Game Developers Carnival?


MeetToMatch is Game Developers Carnival’s official meeting system. Meetings can be viewed and managed on the MeetToMatch dashboard.

How do I access MeetToMatch meeting manager?


My email / password seems incorrect when I log into MeetToMatch. What do I do?


First try to reset your password using the following link:

Verify with customer support if you have a successful registration for this event.

If this fails, please contact to identify the problem.

How do I set my avatar and user information?


The deadline for setting your avatar was on May 6, 2020. All profile information is synced from MeetToMatch.

Where can attendees meet up with other attendees?


Attendees can meet up with other attendees at the MeetToMatch Lounge, located in each world in front of the Xsolla Booth.

How do I contact another user outside of the event?


You can receive another user’s contact by saving their user information inside the game. Please refer to the controls for how to save a user’s info.

I want to transfer my meeting to a colleague, who is also in the meeting planner


Use the MeetToMatch meeting manager to look up your meeting. Click reschedule, and select transfer to colleague. This option is only available if your colleague has a MeetToMatch account as well.

I want to change / cancel my booking


Use the MeetToMatch meeting manager to look up your meeting, and change it using the reschedule or cancel option

The code execution cannot proceed because *.dll was not found.


Download and install DirectX Link

Launcher Issues


Launcher update

If you fail to update Launcher:

  • Run Launcher with administrator rights
  • Turn off your antivirus. If you do not have an antivirus software, but the launcher still does not update, then you need to install Launcher from the installation file on top of the current one.

Installation of redistributables

  • During the installation you will be asked to confirm the installation of needed libraries (redistributables). Click Continue to confirm
  • In order to install some libraries, you will need to specify a temporary folder for unpacking the archive with them.

Downloading the game

Download hanging:

If it happens when installing redistributables, then you need to wait until the installation is completed. It is possible that they are being installed in a hidden mode.

If it happens when downloading files:

  • Restart Launcher and retry downloading;
  • Disable an antivirus;
  • Run Launcher as administrator;

“File does not exist” error:

  • Restart Launcher and retry downloading

"You cannot install the game to the folder that already contains files" error:

  • Try emptying the folder or choosing a different game installation path.

Issues using voice chat

  1. Check that your headphones are connected and set as the default playback device
  2. Check that your microphone is connected and set as the default recording device
  3. Check that you have the latest audio drivers installed
  4. Disable all other audio devices

Issues getting stuck in-game


If you find yourself stuck, you can respawn at the entrance by pressing Ctrl + Alt + R. If you’re still unable to move, please restart the game client.

Character becomes invisible or disconnected from server


If your avatar becomes invisible, you may have been kicked from the server because your framerate has fallen below the minimum threshold.

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